We’ve been blogged!

Monday I gave a fun tour to the editors of Space Squid, who donated several of their back issues as well as their special “Clay Tablet” issue. They let me talk a lot (which, uh, I do), and then reported their trip on multiple blogs. So here’s a round-up for you:


Matthew Bey at No Fear of the Future: Sci-fi excursion to College Station.

Snip: The archive itself is behind a locked door that has cold, dust-free air whistling through the cracks. The archive’s environment system is similar to the ones used in nuclear submarines, Ms. Coker tells us.

To maximize space, the shelves slide on motorized tracks. It’s the sort of library that Katsuhiro Ôtomo would have designed.

Bey posted more pictures and commentary at his other blog, Zombie Lapdance.

Snip: Note, the third or fourth largest science fiction research archive in the world uses the term “sci-fi.” So all of you who want us to use “spec fic” or “skiffy” instead can just bite it.

Nicky Drayden at Diary of a Short Woman: Writer’s Life: A Three-Hour Tour, a Three-Hour Tour.

Snip: Seeing a replica printing press in action gave me a real appreciation for my word processor. It takes six hours to set the type for two pages, during which your eyes go crossed from trying to sort the teeny letters. The ps and qs look so similar (not to mention the bs and ds), and it’s easy to forget that they’re reverse images, which is where the saying “Mind your ps and qs” comes from. Also, the metal letter pieces are grouped in containers called sorts, and when you run out of a letter, you’re “Out of sorts.”

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