Another One Bites the Dust

Realms of Fantasy Magazine is closing its doors.

Its the latest in a series print genre mags going out of business.

I remember the first SF/F magazines I bought back in the mid-1990s: Science Fiction Age and RoF. SFA closed in 2000, and RoF closed briefly last year before being bought by a new publisher. The new version of the magazine was trimmed significantly–less reviews with less staff, some shoddy work with layout, but the stories were still good.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about what the “discovery” of Zarmina will mean for SciFi (if you can call it a discovery when there is still debate about exactly how habitable it could be, and whether it really exists at all), so it seems kind of funny that this has come up. A lot of early stories posited what life would be like on planets we knew about–Mars, Venus, Jupiter. At some point we just stopped writing about them and started describing imaginary places instead. I’ve been wondering if there will be a slew of stories about Zarmina–or Gliese 581g if you prefer, and I really kind of hope so.

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