The Space Squid Archives

Back in the Fall, the gang at Space Squid visited and donated their archives to us, including the limited edition clay tablet issue which appeared in Wired. (In typical bloggey fashion, I wrote about it, they wrote about it, and you can basically relive it all here.)

Anyhow, the clay tablet and molds had to be sent to our preservationist to have special boxes made to protect them, so I took a couple of pictures.

The nested box that holds the two molds and the clay tablet:


A close-up of the clay tablet itself:


Finally, a picture of the processed archive, sitting on my desk before I put it in the stacks. (Yeah, I know it looks a little precarious, but a) my desk is a scary place to start with and b) my camera phone isn’t the bestest thing ever.)


The finding guide has also been placed in our online database.


ETA: And we’ve already been reblogged!


Hat-tip to Martha Wells!

She has an interview in the most recent issue of Transformative Works and Cultures. I missed it in the end-of-year flurry of December. She, Jo Graham, and Melissa Scott discuss writing fan fiction as well as pro media tie-ins.


I enjoyed writing fan fic, but I find original SF/F more rewarding because I feel less creative constraint. I love creating my own worlds and my own characters, and not being bound by any prior assumptions on the part of the reader. In contrast, the enjoyment I get out of fan fic is from writing TV or movie characters and worlds that I have fallen in love with, and trying to duplicate in prose what I see on the screen as closely as possible, then using that framework to build new stories around.

Lost Marbles, Found in Processing

The other day I found Elizabeth Moon’s marbles. They weren’t lost, just temporarily misplaced in one of the boxes of her manuscripts she donated to us.



Because it’s not every day I find someone’s marbles, I emailed Ms. Moon to let her know and to ask if I might share the story on the blog.




She gamely wrote back with permission, saying that “you absolutely must say that [I’ve] lost some of [my] marbles and you only hope there’s enough left to keep writing! <GGG>” This is certainly true, especially since her next book, Kings of the North, arrives in March.


People who have been to my office know that it’s a bit of a scary place, but I was able to get some processing done over the break. Below, you can see the Moon Collection at home in the stacks:




One of my goals for this year is to try to keep this blog more regularly updated for your quality SciFi edutainment (yes, that’s totally a word, I know because I heard it on Angel), so keep your eyes peeled for more Tales from the Stacks!