Lost Marbles, Found in Processing

The other day I found Elizabeth Moon’s marbles. They weren’t lost, just temporarily misplaced in one of the boxes of her manuscripts she donated to us.



Because it’s not every day I find someone’s marbles, I emailed Ms. Moon to let her know and to ask if I might share the story on the blog.




She gamely wrote back with permission, saying that “you absolutely must say that [I’ve] lost some of [my] marbles and you only hope there’s enough left to keep writing! <GGG>” This is certainly true, especially since her next book, Kings of the North, arrives in March.


People who have been to my office know that it’s a bit of a scary place, but I was able to get some processing done over the break. Below, you can see the Moon Collection at home in the stacks:




One of my goals for this year is to try to keep this blog more regularly updated for your quality SciFi edutainment (yes, that’s totally a word, I know because I heard it on Angel), so keep your eyes peeled for more Tales from the Stacks!

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