The Space Squid Archives

Back in the Fall, the gang at Space Squid visited and donated their archives to us, including the limited edition clay tablet issue which appeared in Wired. (In typical bloggey fashion, I wrote about it, they wrote about it, and you can basically relive it all here.)

Anyhow, the clay tablet and molds had to be sent to our preservationist to have special boxes made to protect them, so I took a couple of pictures.

The nested box that holds the two molds and the clay tablet:


A close-up of the clay tablet itself:


Finally, a picture of the processed archive, sitting on my desk before I put it in the stacks. (Yeah, I know it looks a little precarious, but a) my desk is a scary place to start with and b) my camera phone isn’t the bestest thing ever.)


The finding guide has also been placed in our online database.


ETA: And we’ve already been reblogged!

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