Hangin’ Out With The Astronauts

Gave a tour of the collection to astronaut Rick Linnehan, who is currently working on campus with NASA to promote space-related iniatives. We spent a pleasant hour geeking in the stacks, and I got to show off some of our treasures, like the 1831 Frankenstein, the 1897 Dracula, and the pirated Lord of the Rings.

Remember, dear readers, tours of the collection are my favorite part of the job! If you’re in town, give me a buzz and I’ll be happy to geek away!


Reading Recommendation

The Bio-Documentation of the British Library by Deborah Walker

It’s an excellent short story about libraries and books and stories. A little bit dystopic and a little bit optimistic…and a little bit true to life too.

“Library? What’s a library?”

“A place of books,” explained the augment. “You know: information on paper.”

“Why would information be on paper?” asked Alphonse.

“Individuals were able to read the symbols placed on paper. I suppose you want me to tell you what reading is?”

“Yes, please.”

“Reading is the cognitive process of decoding symbols for the intention of deriving meaning. It’s a way in which humans communicated before the advent of DNA-data.”

“How strange,” said Alphonse. “And what are we paying her for?”

The augment shrugged orange, “I’m sure I don’t know.”

If this seems a little cynical, I was told at my place of previous employment, during the renovation of the library, that there didn’t seem much of a point in changing the space as they wouldn’t need a library soon anyway with everything going online. “But what about accredidation?” I asked. “What about students who need a place to study and books? In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a group of kids clustering their noses outside the door because they want to come in but CAN’T because you’re working in here!” He didn’t deign to respond, for I was a lowly librarian, and what did I know. I changed jobs shortly afterwards, as you can imagine. So if you think this is far-fetched? It’s really not. BELIEVE me.