A Quick Note of Congratulations!

I’ve fallen off the end of the world a bit, but I wanted to note that the 2011 Science Fiction Hall of Fame Awards have been announced, and since a couple of them have ties with us I thought I would share:

First off, Mr. Harlan Ellison not only visited A&M for Aggiecon several times over the years, he also wrote a column about his visit that was later reprinted in his collection The Glass Teat. Strangely, he left out the part about some, er, words he had with some Corps Cadets that, ah, ended up with the temporary suspension of both the con and the dissolution pre-Cepheid body.

Next, Mr Vincent di Fate was gracious enough to not only give us permission to use his artwork on the banners of our building and the exhibit catalog, but actually sent us newer, alternate art as well: That’s right, the awesome lady astronaut? Was his idea.

Congrats also to Mr. Gardner Dozois and Moebius!

Rock on, everybody! Hopefully things will calm down a little bit soon!!