Star Spotlights!

So back in January, we received part of the Thomas D. Clareson Collection. Clareson was a noted scholar in the field of Science Fiction Studies who wrote such influential volumes as SF, The Other Side of Realism and Some Kind of Paradise: The Emergence of American Science Fiction. We received over a hundred boxes of books and other materials from his personal research library, which our catalogers have been industriously cataloging and shelving.

A couple of carts in process.

I’ve been corresponding with Tom Clareson, who made sure his father’s materials got to us safe and sound. Huzzah for donors!!!


Apologies for going AWOL–I’ve been busy this term with a variety of projects, not the least of which is getting ready to go up for tenure this Fall. In fact, just this morning I submitted my dossier packets to be mailed out for outside review next month.

review packets

 It’s only mildly nauseating how much of a scholar’s life can be encompassed by folders and discs!

At any rate, I hope to post more regularly over the summer. Finals started today, so I’ve already had a bit of time to work on my backlog! Check out the newly processed inventories for our JRR Tolkien Correspondence Collection and our Arthur C. Clarke Correspondence Collection.

And sure it’s two days late, but a Happy Belated Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!

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