You Can Tell It’s Noir!

I’m spotlighting this recent collection purchase because it’s actually a bit of a mystery and I need to do some more research on it. We acquired this pulp novel and its original cover artwork back in August:

 I wasn’t intentionally going for noirish photography, I promise. The window was just the best lighting I could get to take a photo by.

The book is Jean Murelli’s La Nuit des Trespasses, a novel in which a brave French journalist discovers that an odious American businessman is kidnapping beautiful women and, Stepford Wives-like, building robots in their image and doing away with the real women themselves. He is of course determined to bring the fiend to justice! The volume is one of three held in libraries across the world. It was published as part of a series of Fleuves Noir, a 1960s French pulp series dealing with the morbid and the fantastical. As near as I can tell, this was also Murelli’s only book, though I suspect it’s likely it was a pseudonym for another author as was often the case during this period.

Here’s a close-up of the oil and gauche painting:

 Remember, ladies, to always coordinate your heels with your feathers!

I have a fun idea in mind, if it could be managed, to track down other volumes in the series and try to build a collection of French pulp SF. I’m sure there were some similar lines in other countries. Anyone know of any?


So Hey, It’s Fall

You know what I like about Fall? It’s the zombies. A new school semester always starts with zombies running across campus, at war with the humans. Well, that’s how it is here anyway, and that’s the way I like it.

So what has your friendly neighborhood scifi curator been up to? Well, mostly up to her ears in stuff.

I feel like I should note that this is just what I’ve gotten in since MONDAY. I’d been perfectly up to date before then, I assure you. Well, mostly. So let’s look at some of our new toys.

Rory Harper’s novel Petrogypsies was re-issued with art by Brad Foster! Sweet!

These mint pulps all have the first publications of some of Andre Norton’s short stories in them.

This is a Game of Thrones promo bag distributed by HBO and containing a boxed crystal Iron Throne distributed to the members of the cast and crew of the show.

Annnnnd I have a load more goodies but that’s what I’ve unpacked thus far. Oh, I’m also teaching my seminar on Fan Studies again this semester and I have some firecracker students! We’re having a special screening of Ringers: Lord of the Fans! next week which should be most excellent!