So Hey, It’s Fall

You know what I like about Fall? It’s the zombies. A new school semester always starts with zombies running across campus, at war with the humans. Well, that’s how it is here anyway, and that’s the way I like it.

So what has your friendly neighborhood scifi curator been up to? Well, mostly up to her ears in stuff.

I feel like I should note that this is just what I’ve gotten in since MONDAY. I’d been perfectly up to date before then, I assure you. Well, mostly. So let’s look at some of our new toys.

Rory Harper’s novel Petrogypsies was re-issued with art by Brad Foster! Sweet!

These mint pulps all have the first publications of some of Andre Norton’s short stories in them.

This is a Game of Thrones promo bag distributed by HBO and containing a boxed crystal Iron Throne distributed to the members of the cast and crew of the show.

Annnnnd I have a load more goodies but that’s what I’ve unpacked thus far. Oh, I’m also teaching my seminar on Fan Studies again this semester and I have some firecracker students! We’re having a special screening of Ringers: Lord of the Fans! next week which should be most excellent!

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