From the Ballard and Mayhar Families

I mentioned the recent passing of Texas author Ardath Mayhar back in February, and shortly afterwards family members contacted us to send a number of books our way. I recently got to unpack them and so here are some photos that don’t really do them justice.

Here are some images from the stacks shelves where they currently await processing. The lighting leaves …. a lot… to be desired but you do get a sense of the numbers (there are more shelves above and below, I just didn’t have space to back up enough to show them), and, well, dammit Jim I’m a librarian not a photographer!!

This is a close-up of a cross-section of Andre Norton paperbacks. These are really going to help fill some gaps in our collection!!

Here’s a close-up of some editions of Mayhar’s own works. you’ll notice multiple copies of the same book, several of which are first editions. The extra-great thing about this is it means we can keep a pristine archival copy and have an identical copy for patrons to use. (One of the nice things about working here is our collections really are used–often by researchers, and equally often by students who want to read this or that volume they can’t find elsewhere!)

I opened up one of the books to find it was a signed copy! There are several more, similar autographs sprinkled through the collection. BTW I really do recommend this book–it’s about post-nuke Texas! ….Okay that came out more chipper than was perhaps necessary considering the topic. Just, trust me, go read it!

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