The Daughter of the Night Bibliography!

Cushing is the new home for the Daughter of the Night Annotated Tanith Lee Bibliography library!

The collection consists of several hundred volumes of Lee’s work through multiple editions and translations. The annotated bibliography project will continue on as it has for the past fifteen years, Cushing will merely provide housing as well as reference assistance for scholars who need access to the materials. They are in the queue for cataloging, so don’t be horrified if you can’t find the books in the catalog—our cataloging staff are shorthanded these days and I certainly don’t help when I spring things like this on them (sorry, guys!). If you’re ever looking for a title and can’t find it, just shoot me a line! 😀

Anyway, take a look at these beauties:

These photos don’t do the books justice, btw. It’s actually pretty hard to fit in the aisles with a camera and get some good images. Here’s a close up:

As you can imagine, I’m really excited about this and my poor boss has had to listen to more geekery than…okay, honestly, it’s about the same amount of geeking as usual but just on different things. SO.

I’m going to be in and out running around this summer, but I’m an email-addict so I’ll be “around” even if I’m not around the office. Stay tuned for more updates and adventures!!

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