Collections are Made of These

Here are some sample materials I’ve received recently that will go into our Scifi Miscellany collection: Cards from the John Carter movie release, a pin that was handed out at the midnight release for The Amazing Spider-Man, a free promo comic with a sticker and button for The Dark Knight Rises.

Now what do these various items mean in the greater scheme of things? For one, they are all evidence of how popular SF/F films were promoted to their audiences–small items, several of them wearable, meant to “reward” the early birds. Future students of audience reception and corporate marketing and industry will hopefully find them useful.

More immediately, how often do you think items such as these actually end up libraries?

Each of these examples shows off, to some extent, how easily mass-market culture can be lost. It’s not valued, it’s not kept, it doesn’t end up in libraries. In years to come, it will be for the scholars to try to track down these things, or for people to come across them and ask “what the heck WAS that??”

A couple things to keep in mind as you go to the movies this weekend. 😉 Ta!

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