Back to School!

Yesterday the University Libraries hosted a Resource Fair and welcomed some 1200 students to the Libraries, Our Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts was waiting for them!


Todd said he was going for menacing, but to me it really looks more like “Take the darn picture, Cait, this thing is heavy!” He’s holding Robert Baratheon’s Warhammer, which will be part of our forthcoming exhibit, Deeper Than Swords, Celebrating the Work of George R. R. Martin:


Just in case you are wondering, I won’t stop talking about that exhibit until we’re done working on it. So, y’know, not for a while yet.

With the help of our mighty colleagues Anton, Jenna, and Jenni, we handed out bookmarks, pencils, talked up the wonder and the glory that is Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, and made a science of saying “We are the home of Rare books, Special Collections, and University Archives! We have everything from four thousand year old Mesopotamian clay tablets to the newest science fiction magazines! We have a website where you can download over twenty thousand images from A&M’s history! Come visit us!” in thirty seconds flat.

Todd’s also going to be teaching a seminar this semester on the History of the Book, and if he is very lucky, I might drop in with some toys.


This is a limited edition replica of the Night’s Watch obsidian knives. Soooooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiiiny!

Next week classes will start, and it’ll be back to normal: Teaching classes, watching students fight zombies (what, students don’t do that at other campuses? really? weird!) … Yep, good times for all!

2 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. Oh. MY. GOSH. Just saw that GRRM is coming in March 2013 for this exhibit on his website and searching led me here (Thank the Seven).

    So, obviously, my next question is: is the exhibit open to A&M students??

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