Updating the Cepheid Variable Archives





We’ve been up to our gills in exhibit planning (stay tuned for more exciting news on that front!), but in the meantime I thought I’d show off a couple of our new donations. Former Cepheid Nadine Miller kindly sent us a number of classic zines to add to the Aggiecon-Cepheid Variable Archives. These are some great pieces to help continue to document the history of that group, and we thank her for them!

So it’s almost Halloween and I’ve been particularly remiss with things genre on that front. >_> If you’re local to College Station, the Cinemark is going to have a special showing of Young Frankenstein in the digital theater on All Hallow’s Eve. If you plan to stay home that night, I recommend the classic Wicker Man (for all of your non-Saruman Christopher Lee needs!) or the best film of this year, Cabin in the Woods. (Oh yeah, I said that, you heard me! *G*)