Deeper Than Swords!

DTS poster final

Okay, we are seriously gearing up for our next genre exhibit, Deeper Than Swords: Celebrating the Work of George R. R. Martin. It may quite possibly be the largest genre event we’ve ever put on–definitely bigger than One Hundred Years Hence. The exhibit itself will be drawn directly from George’s archives here at Cushing and showcase his work, examining his contributions to the field of Fantastic Literature and his role in forming popular culture today. Last year Time Magazine declared him one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World. SO!

The official event website of Deeper Than Swords has links to obtain tickets for his free lecture on March 22, the opportunity to get a ticket to the priority line for his booksigning, and also to participate in a special preview of the exhibit with George at a special fundraising dinner on March 21. (Proceeds will go towards collection development and maintaining our exhibits program. This is how we can keep doing cool things for you guys!) You can also follow DTS at Facebook to catch new updates as they come–and they will be following faster the closer to the opening we get!

Now, a lot of people are also kindly donating their time for this event, not the least of whom is George himself. If you follow his Not a Blog, you know he is a serious jetsetter, attending conventions and events across the world and occasionally popping by the set of HBO’s Game of Thrones. His close friend and fellow author (and fellow donor to the SF collection here at Cushing), Lisa Tuttle, is kindly contributing an essay about George for the catalog that will accompany the exhibit itself. Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio is granting us permission to use his iconic artwork on our building facade and promotionals, and some of his original artwork will be on display as well.

We also have a lot of friends who are coming out for this. On March 22, Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro will be on hand with special themed treats (Chef Tai will also be catering the fundraising dinner, itself Westeros-themed; how cool is that!!). The Texas Renaissance Festival will be outside the Library spinning the prize wheel so lucky folks can get free tickets to the Ren Fair. Aggiecon actually moved their dates so they could be on the same weekend with us, and George will be their special Guest of Honor as well!

Now, I realize that’s a lot of info, so here’s your shortcut FAQ:

When is Deeper Than Swords?

DTS will officially open on March 22, 2013 and run through December 2013. The exhibit itself is going to be on the second floor gallery of Cushing Memorial Library & Archives and free to the public.

What are all those special events again?

March 21, 6 pm. Fundraising dinner of Westerosi-themed dishes and an exclusive preview of the exhibit with George himself. See our website or go to the MSC for tickets. They’re worth every penny for the opportunity to help out the Libraries by doing something so much fun!

March 22, 4-6 pm. Booksigning at Cushing Memorial Library. We’ll have two lines, one that is an expedited, priority line with tickets that can be purchased online to essentially guarantee you a signature (and again, all proceeds will go to the Library); there will be a secondary line, free of charge, so you can still have a chance at getting a signature but it isn’t guaranteed. George will only sign two items, no personalizations, so be prepared.

March 22, 6:30 pm. George will speak at Rudder Auditorium, with moderated Q&A. This event is completely free but you  do need to reserve a ticket at the MSC.

Did you say that George was going to be at Aggiecon too?

Yes, we sure did!

How awesome is this?!

Very awesome!

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